Friday, April 5, 2013

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I have a coworker/friend who posted this on my Facebook timeline recently. I thought I would share it on the blog because it is something that really helps to define the term and namesake of this blog "Living a Disney Life"...

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This is a part of what it means to live a Disney life, and Sheri is not the first person to tell me what she said above; "All things Disney make me think of you". It doesn't mean I am any less touched by the sentiment, however. In fact, it makes my week whenever someone associates me with Disney, the thing I am most passionate about.  It also helps to reinforce the idea that this path of moving to Orlando, FL to be close to Disney World is indeed my way of "Following My Bliss" (something I wrote about on this blog almost exactly one year ago: Follow Your Bliss blog entry - April 25th, 2012)

At least once a month, and sometimes more often than that, a friend will ask me how to maximize their one-day vacation to Disneyland, or where to eat while on a Disney trip, or how to make their trip as economical as possible. One friend even asked me to email her suggestions on what attractions her family should go to, in order, keeping in mind that they had both adults and small children going.

I don't spend all of my free time watching Disney cartoons and wearing Mickey ears. In fact, one friend came to my home recently and commented that they expected to see much more "Disney" around the house. To me, Disney is nostalgia, it's history. It's entertainment, true, but it's interactive, even outside of the parks. Disney is worth studying and applying to life actions. Have you read Be Our Guest or any other book that details Disney's unique practice of customer service? I have, and I apply those philosophies every day at work (a big part of my job is customer service related).  Oh, and yes, I relish even the books that are anti-Disney as well. There is quite a lot we can learn even from our harshest critics, wouldn't you agree?

I have had countless friends tell me that they don't just want to go to the Disney parks, but they specifically want me to go with them, further explaining that they imagine I have a different perspective and view of the parks and they want to appreciate and see them the way that I do. How much higher praise could a Disney fan get than that? 

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