Sunday, May 12, 2013

Living a Disney Life - Extreme Bathroom Edition! °o° *•._.•* ' *•._.•* °o°

Hello again Mouseketeers,

There has been a lot of movement on the homefront with regards to prepping the house for listing in September/October.  What does a bathroom have to do with the journey to moving to Orlando??  A lot, when you consider the challenges we already face when it comes to selling a small home.

Every little upgrade that is NOT done sticks out like a sore thumb to prospective buyers, so we are picking and choosing the ones we can do affordably, and the ones that will make the biggest impact.  Up next was to relace that ugly, barely-flushing commode. 

Captions are BELOW each photo, and if you care to see them supersized, you can always click on the pic!

Here is a BEFORE photo... please note, the bowl was thoroughly scrubbed before the plumber arrived. What you are seeing is 20-30 years worth of calcium and hard-water deposit. NOTHING ELSE!  I thought I would wait until the plumber had finished his job before installing the baseboards and scrubbing the calcium deposits off the tile as well.  That will not take long once he is done.
Oh, by the way, you will notice that this is the smallest bathroom on the planet. It definately took some getting used to when we first moved in.  Here's the space without the toilet.
... and here's a random shot of the 20-30 year old toilet sitting in the front yard.  Just needs a bushel of flowers to spruce it up, right?

Step two; the replacement patiently waiting to be installed.

Ten minutes later, the job is done, and the plumber leaves $80 richer, and I am still faced with the clean up.

Bam!  Everything's all scrubbed and polished up! (well, except for the baseboards, which still need to be cut and installed). 

A slight pan to the right so you can see the rest.

Whoops..  It looks like Pongo is waiting to use the "facilities".  Better let him have his privacy!

And that brings us one more baby step closer to getting the house in sale condition.  Next up; plumber is coming back next week to run a water line through the attic to the refrigerator/freezer so that we can actually use the ice maker and water dispenser. That will be nice for our last summer in the desert!  Don't worry; there are no plans to blog about THAT upgrade!

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Mouseketeer Ken and Mouseketeer Mark