Sunday, March 9, 2014

Festival of Fantasy Parade - Opening Day °o°

Mark and I thought that it would be really nice to go to the park (knowing it was going to be a busy day), just to catch the world premier of their new day-time parade Festival of Fantasy. This was the one of the whole reasons we made the move to Central Florida after all (I even posted years ago about how I met a lady who brough her son to the park just to see the parade, and I'd always dreamed of being able to do that).

It was such a beautiful day outside. The temperature was 78 degrees, and it was bright and sunny. Although it was warm standing in direct sunlight, we did get an occasional breeze to cool us down. It's early March, however, so we know that we should appreciate it while we can.

The place was packed. We are right on the first weekend of several weeks of Spring Break, so we are also anticipating that the parks will be busy for quite a while. However, we were able to arrive about 20-25 minutes before the 3pm start time and find a standing spot with an ideal sight line right at the entrance, in front of the Town Square Theatre on Main Street. Talk about serendipity!

Here is the view of where we were able to stand, just before the parade began.

Just before 3pm, we heard the announcement that the show was going to start in just a few minutes, but soon confusion started to go over the crowd because the parade still hadn't begun 10 minutes later... it was 3:10 and there were no floats yet! It turns out the parade had started at the other end of the park, in Frontierland.  I was not sure where it would come from myself (next to the Main Street Fire Station or Frontierland), but I suspected the latter after just a couple of minutes.

Finally, we could hear the parade around the corner, and I was able to capture the whole thing on video for you. Keep in mind that although there have been photos circulating online and on Facebook, this is the FIRST PUBLIC showing of the parade, so if you are watching it here, you are probably seeing it before many others!

We hope you love it like we did!


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