Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Exploring the Area - Fun Spot/Old Town or; Do You Like Wine With Your Cheese? °o°

Until we can establish an address so that we can purchase Florida resident annual passes to Disney World, we took some time to explore an attraction called Fun Spot, and the nearby shopping complex called Old Town, both just a few miles away from the Magic Kingdom in Kissimmee/Celebration.

Fun Spot, we learned is a collection of state-fair-like thrill rides with free admission, but you have to buy tickets to go on the rides. Each ride cost from 4 to 6 bucks. Old Town is a long street of stores that looks like it was designed directly after Main Street, USA at Disney.  The shops were mostly t-shirts, beef jerky, and "as seen on TV" type stores, but there was a bit of Florida Tourist Cheese worth turning your head for...

Like this hideous 8 foot tall Marilyn statue:

And this stuffed dog mounted over the entrance door:

busty barmaid statues...

even this awesome haunted house fa├žade...

They tried to mimic Main Street, USA:

complete with a teacup ride:

a carousel:

and a monster truck:

All this only 10 minutes away from the parks, and free admission!... why weren't there more tourists in the area taking in the Christmas Cheese??? 


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