Monday, April 30, 2012

Mission SLIMpossible Follow Up #1 °o° *•._.•* ' *•._.•* °o°

I started my weight-loss journey on January 1st of this year.  For the most part, I have really committed to sticking to the diet and the exercise, so I have been losing. My mind is set on the fact that working out is a part-time job, and I don’t want to get fired for missing work!

I am really a fan of the outdoors, and being outside as much as possible, and I especially love to exercise outdoors. We are fortunate that Phoenix has mountain ranges right in the center of town, so I have been able to leave work in the afternoon, and be hiking a nearby mountain within 20 minutes.  One of the biggest challenges I think I face, however, is keeping up with the program during the summer months.  Phoenix is a lot like Orlando in that the summer heat is unbearable.  We may not have the humidity of Central Florida, but the scorching sun can drain you of your strength in just about 10 to 15 minutes, especially when the temperature rises up to 115° on a regular basis.  Air conditioning and climate control is required to live in the Sonoran Desert, much less to work out in.  I don’t know how I’ve managed to survive 28 summers here! (In fact, just last summer, Phoenix hit a state record of the greatest number of 110° or higher days ever recorded: 33 days!)

I guess the best solution to this problem would be to join a gym.  I wouldn’t mind that, but Mark and I are truly saving every single penny and nickel that we are able to. We have cut all unnecessary expenses and a gym membership is just not in the budget.  So I have to be creative.

In trying to formulate a plan to beat the temptation of taking a break from working out between May and Mid-October I set up a spare room in the house to store an elliptical cross-trainer, and a treadmill, so I’ve got my at-home work-outs covered.  When I have no other option, I will do my cardio in front of the air conditioner in the spare bedroom.

But I have found other options.  One day I received a Groupon offer by email.  If you don’t know, Groupon is a deal-of-the-day website that is localized to your zip code.  I have purchased dinners out, gift certificates to, even a Kindle Fire leather case, all for at least half off. This one was for 30 boot camp classes, for $18.  After reading the details of the offer, I decided to go for it.  The price was more than right, and I need the intensity that these classes assured me I would get. 

It turns out that this was the best purchase with the best value that I have made in a very long time.

I have only used 10 classes out of the 30 that I get to use.  I have to use them all by June 30th, so I schedule two every week, usually a Tuesday and Thursday, and I hike the perimeter trail of Piestawa Peak on Mondays and Fridays after work.  This schedule helps me to avoid the boredom of doing the same thing day after day, and I am exercising HARD four times a week.

Just last week, I found another private gym membership; this one was $20 for unlimited use for the month of July.  I’m keeping my eye out for great Groupon deals to keep me working out in a gym for the rest of the summer.

Official weigh in

Highest weight: 275 (January 1, 2012)
Previous weigh in: 252 (April 16th, 2012)

Current weigh in: 250 (April 30th, 2012) 

Total pounds lost: 25

Would you like to join me on this journey?  You don't need to pick up everything and move to the other side of the United States, but we can compare weight loss successes if you want to be a support for each other. Let me know!

Comments are welcome. Positive feedback encouraged!

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