Monday, March 25, 2013

HUGE Rummage sale to raise money for the move

Months in the planning, and the day is fast arriving! The mother rummage sale of them all will occur on Saturday, March 30th from 7am to 3pm. I have listed our rummage sale on several sites.
Here are 2 of my favorites sites, featuring our add.  

Thanks to our friends Trish, Jen and Sheri for rising to the occasion and helping a couple of Disney fans out! Those are true friends.

and another favorite site is Here is our listing.

7am to 3pm.

We have so much stuff for sale that it took four people two weeks to price it all. 

  • Disney items sprinkled throughout most categories
  • Small home décor items
  • Small picture frames
  • 2 (non-matching) bar stools
  • More board games and puzzles than you can shake a stick at! (all are complete, most in very-good to mint condition.
  • 1970’s or 1980’s French Provincial style princess phone (push button keys).
  • 2 pairs of vintage 1950’s metal roller skates, $25 a pair
  • 3 non-matching wooden crates, perfect for home décor, $20 each
  • Carved wood Asian table (very ornate, vintage) $300
  • Tiffany style (Art Deco) reproduction table top lamp
  • Enough books to stock a small library, priced to move.
  • Battery operated, working megaphone
  • 2 matching Metal CD stands
  • Small stereo, great for garage or back porch listening (plays CDs and cassettes, includes speakers)
  • Tons of CDs
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Stuffed animals
  • Entire library of Disney VHS animated films (and other animated films)
  • 40-50 DVDs ranging from B movies to horror. Some are still shrink wrapped from the factory - $1 each
  • Unused 50 qt. Igloo cooler (sky blue), $30
  • Accordion (circa 1970s or 80s?) that works but has no shoulder strap
  • James Dean collectible/limited edition pewter belt buckle
  • Vacuum cleaner that just needs a good cleaning to optimize
  • Sequined cowgirl hats (pink and powder blue)
  • Portable wood burning fire pit (showing age, but has several years of use left)
  • Propane portable BBQ (showing age, but has several years of use left)
  • Soooooo much more that I’m running out of room to list them. Things like planters, a color printer, drinking glasses, several Disney children’s bed sheets, glass punch bowl, rhinestone tiara, unused feather pillow, gently used clothing, lots of men’s ties…….. holy cow my fingers are tired from typing it all! 

If you are in the Phoenix Area, Mouseketeers, make sure you drop by!

Ken and Mark