Monday, November 18, 2013

Breaking out of the Holding Pattern °o°

All things happen for a reason, and they happen when it's time for them to happen... good, or bad... right?

Lets hope so.

The blog I have been so passionate about maintaining suddenly went on an unexpected hiatus for the past 8 weeks.  This was a time that I expected to be able to write frequently.. almost daily updates, but it turns out that each day was more painting.  Can you imagine each blog entry?  

Painting Room #1
Painting the Living Room
Painting the Garage
Painting the Trim in Room #2
Painting the Base Boards - part 7
Painting Until I Bleed Paint

That's about the extent of it. Gripping, eh?  Although I think some folks who are following along appreciate some of the home repair/renovation updates, this is not a DIY blog, and so I didn't want it to veer off track so drastically.  It's about documenting our relocation to Disney World; as we "follow our bliss".

SO... we have finally reached a point that I can comfortably return to writing updates. We are finally listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and are offically for sale as of 11/14.  (If you are interested in seeing Ken and Mark's house, click here for the pictures and details:  Click here: 4233 N 2ND DR, PHOENIX, AZ Property Listing - For Sale - MLS# 5030256 - ZipRealty).  So far, we have had 5 showings, one each day and TWO today. Still waiting for that all-important offer, but our real estate agent has said that a few have contacted her as their clients have expressed interest after viewing. 


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