Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day FOUR of the Journey °o°

Another uneventful day. We finally made it through Texas, and have landed in Baton Rouge for the night, to rest before we hit our final 700 miles (give or take) before we arrive in Orlando.

Pongo (our chocolate lab) sleeps through most of the drive, and is not showing any signs of stress, really. We make sure to give him walk and potty breaks, which is a good thing for our comfort as well. One thing I thought we would have trouble with was finding hotel rooms that accepted large dogs.  So far, all of them welcomed him.  The extra charge however, ranged from $10 to $25.

We are both getting a little tired of fast food. It seems like the "healthiest" food available on the road has been barbeque... At least its not deep fried first!

So, tomorrow we will arrive in Orlando around 5pm, if everything goes well; i.e. we leave early enough, traffic and weather cooperates, and we don't take too many stops.  Our first task is to find an extended stay hotel in a decent area so that we can land there for a week and not have to worry about paying full hotel rates. We will still need to unload the U-Haul trailer into the extended stay room (ugh), because the trailer needs to be returned by Monday the 16th to avoid additional charges, and I doubt we will have a house or condo rented by then.

Meanwhile, we are both looking forward to the end of this grueling part of the journey (5 days of driving!), and beginning step 1: finding a place to live!


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