Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day ONE On Our Journey °o°

We did it. We have completed all tasks and jumped through all the hoops of selling the house, purging what we no longer needed, and packed up everything. Now the next obstacle facing us is the TWO THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED and FORTY EIGHT miles that we have to cover to get to our destination!

We've said our goodbyes, gave our hugs and kisses, and shed our tears, and we finally hit the road.

7 days ago, this is what we were facing:

16 feet of trailer and a garage full of boxes and bins.
3 days later, we had reached about 50% capacity. We were taking our time and we were feeling fine!

At the end of the 6th day, the day before the Pod was scheduled to be picked up, we were packed from head to toe, side to side. That was a modern marvel of packing engineering to get all that in there!
Alas, we had to say goodbye to a few items that just could not fit...
- The firepit.
- The 2 full length lounge chairs and their cushions.
- The "haunted" dollhouse (a doll house that I built and painted to be a haunted house. Don't worry, I have plans to make a bigger one!  The next one will be three stories!).
- All of the camping gear.
- An antique vanity (didn't want it anyway, and we were able to sell it for $40 at the last minute!).
- A 3-drawer dresser from Ikea (gave it to a couple who needed a dresser for the newborn's nursery).
- Quite a few odds and ends that we just could not force in.
I am in charge of my own destiny!!!!
Later that day I received a call from our real estate agent saying that the sale had been recorded, which meant that everything was officially done. The mortgage and equity line of credit was paid off, the agents were given their piece of the pie and all other fees were settled. By the end of the afternoon our left over profit was deposited into our checking accounts.
As we were finishing up last minute cleaning, the new owner popped in for a final inspection. Everything went just fine, and I officially handed the key over to her personally in a small little symbolic gesture; "from the previous owner to the new one; I hope you enjoy many years of living in our old home".
 We wrapped it all up, and I locked the door one last time:

....  and, below... our final look back at the house as we were driving away, at 4233 N. 2nd Drive.  Thanks for memories, little house.. Thanks for keeping up safe for the last 13 years!


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