Monday, February 3, 2014

How NOT to start off your arrival in a new state... °o°

Where has the time gone???  I can't believe we are already three days into February-it seems like we were just writing about our "Christmas tree easel" only days ago.

We had a rough spot with the Pod company back in December when we first arrived, which made me as angry as a wet hen for quite awhile. As soon as we found a rental home (which was December 18th), I called Pods to give them the new address. The operator told me they could deliver our pod on January 3rd-THREE weeks later. When I asked why it would take so long, she explained that our pod was still being stored in Phoenix; it had not even left the state yet.

Without exaggerating the situation, I was beside myself. The conversation I had with the first sales agent was when I provided the zip code I wanted the pod delivered to. She told me they would ship it across the country, and would store it at their warehouse in that zip code, until I called with an address for them to deliver to. She even told me that we could have access to the pod if necessary. However, some kind of miscommunication occurred in their office that resulted in our pod being left in Phoenix, and delivery delayed beyond the holidays.

I asked for the representative to escalate my call to her supervisor, so as to research why this error was made. All we had in the world was the clothes in our suitcases, toothbrushes and not much else. We were facing three weeks or more with no furniture, bedding, or dishes. Unfortunately, all she could offer was a call-back from their "Incident" department... most likely AFTER the holidays.

So, Mark and I moved into our new three bedroom house rental, with not one stick of furniture to sit on. 

To remedy the situation, that night we prepared a list of essentials.  No one wants to sit on a cold tile floor with their back against the wall night after night, so the next day we mapped out all of the thrift stores I could find within a 10 mile radius. It took us most of the day, but we found a beanbag with arms for Mark (that would transition into a video game chair later, according to him) and a computer chair for me since I don't have one for my desk and desktop computer. We picked up some nice second hand plates and silverware for a couple of bucks, and decided to visit Ross for some inexpensive Christmas decorations so that we could have a festive end to the year.

Thankfully, we had the forethought to bring the flat screen, DVD collection, PS3 and video game favorites, so we were not without entertainment.  We even found a brand new television stand/cabinet at Goodwill that we knew would work with our furniture, so that the TV would not have to sit on the floor either.

About a week later, just after Christmas day, I received a call from Kenneth, the Incident Guy at Pods. He had reviewed the recording of the conversation between the sales woman and I that occurred back in November. He recounted the conversation as I recalled it, agreeing that I had given her the zip code in Florida, and that I would be calling back shortly after we arrived to provide her with the address once we had it. The reason our pod was not delivered is because (according to him) at the end of the conversation she said "most of our clients who move cross country don't know their new address. Would you prefer to call us once you have arrived, and have the pod delivered once you have an address"?  ... and (according to him) I agreed to that.

Of course, it sounds like the same conversation just in different word order, which is exactly what I told him.  He insisted that I told her to keep the pod in Phoenix. Of course, when I asked him to play the recording for me so that I could hear it myself, he replied "I'm sorry, we can't do that".

I told him that this was Pods' error in miscommunication, and I told him that I still had the email that the sales woman sent, quoting the zip code our pod should be delivered to (which, by the way, I have included a screen shot of right here for you to see:  )

His reply was "That was just a quote".  Huh???  Right... She quoted back to me what my instructions were on where the truck was to ship our pod. I further explained that I felt that Pods should provide some compensation for the items that I needed to purchase  -- at my expense -- basic things that every family needs on a daily basis.  Of course, he refused.

Three weeks later, the pod was actually delivered on time, and we hired a couple of movers to help us unload the thing. Thankfully, it didn't take them very long, and we were done in less than an hour. Finally, we had real chairs (our comfy couch) to sit on! Its very easy to take your creature comforts for granted when they are taken away from you!

You should read the letter I fired off to their "Executive Resolution Specialist"... this is still not over.


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