Monday, April 16, 2012

Mission SLIMpossible! °o° *•._.•* ' *•._.•* °o°

Just a few months ago, around the end of the year, I was taking my lunch break, sitting outside on a bench where I am often alone for the entire half hour.  Left to my own thoughts, I was repeating in my head again and again; “I have to get out of here”.  Of course, at the time I am thinking about my mundane, mental-stimulation-free job, but it applies to other things as well-not the least of all the city I live in, but also the body that I occupy as well.

I’m big on mantras and affirmations, even though they are not always warm and fuzzy or Confucius-like, they still work for me and they keep me motivated during moments of weakness.  I will often make up post-it notes with short phrases like, “Give that chicken fat BACK to the chicken” (referencing an old exercise song I used to listen to when I was a kid), or “You can always eat dessert LATER”, and “Don’t quit until you puke, faint, or die!”.  One of my favorite post-its is “Commit the crime… do the time”. All of these reminders serve to help me to keep my eye on my past, as I look toward the future.

Right around Christmas, I wrote a journal entry that I just found.  It reads, "I don't want to go to Florida this overweight.  This move is meant to be a new start to a new life.  I need to commit myself 100% to making the result something positive and uplifting for me and my future.  This means I really can't bring bad habits or other previous obstacles along for the ride.  Overcome them NOW, so that the new life is just that, a NEW LIFE!"

I made those words into a banner and posted it on the door next to my treadmill.  I see it every day now, and it is the ultimate motivation for me.  I have lost weight before, and quit after a few months.  This is my last chance to commit to the process fully before I get involved in the distractions of moving, something I know will be time consuming and mentally draining.   

As of January 1st, 2012, I weighed in officially at 275 pounds, and I began my journey. As of this posting, I am 15 weeks into the journey and I have lost 23 pounds. All from hiking, signing up for “boot camp” classes, and keeping a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meats. More on that later.

Mentally, I am in a good place right now to make these changes.  I have been feeling motivated on a daily basis to make changes in my life.  I am clearing out unused or unwanted belongings from the house more than a year in advance of moving.  This “purging” if you will applies to my efforts to lose weight.  I am getting rid of things, obstacles, which are getting in the way of exercising. 

I am envisioning the changes that will come; a leaner, more energetic body, fewer material things, fewer bills or payments because of a reduced need to consume, more TIME available because I am cutting back on my television watching.  I’m even planning on changing my email address because the one I have been using for 15 years has always been too confusing for people to spell!

This post marks the first steps into my new life as a thinner future Central Floridian and potential Orlandonian!  I will update weekly, but it is now recorded at 252 pounds and countiung dowwwwwwwn.

Previous weigh in: 275

Current weigh in: 252 (April 16th, 2012)

Total pounds lost: 23

Comments are welcome. Positive feedback encouraged!

Mouseketeer Ken 

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