Thursday, May 10, 2012

What if You Could Be a Different Person? °o° *•._.•* ' *•._.•* °o°

Have you ever dreamt about running away from your life, and starting somewhere else, brand new?  A fresh start, but maybe this time you're a different person.  Maybe you'll change your hair color and style, maybe buy some colored contacts so that your eyes are blue instead of green.  Maybe you'll drop 80 pounds before you arrive so you can really change your appearance!
I'm not talking about impersonating, or stealing someone's identity.  I'm talking about making changes in your life that you may have been too frightened, or intimidated, or just not sure you could even pull off. You hear about people who have been in traumatic accidents, who then begin speaking with a foreign dialect, or even foreign language, but what if you could do it by choice?
And if you're going to change your looks, while you're at it why not change your personality? Maybe you know that you have a habit of showing up late, or twisting your hair, or laughing a little too loudly at dumb jokes.  Making a major move and starting over someplace new would be a perfect opportunity to make these kinds of adjustments.
Maybe even go by a new name, or nickname. Something you've always liked, but never caught on for some reason.
Maybe you've lived in the same part of town for years, and you're just tired of your job-you're not making a lot of money, there are no promotions on the horizon, and you're just sick of the politics. In fact, maybe you hate your job.  If you had the chance to move to a new state, a new part of the country, maybe things would be different…
I have all of these thoughts.  Some of them I will never do, but it still fun to run with the idea.
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Mouseketeer Ken

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