Sunday, January 27, 2013

Focus and Balance °o° *•._.•* ‘ *•._.•* °o°

This blog has been on my mind almost daily since I put it on a fall hiatus. I discovered that I was writing too long before the move to keep the subject of my postings related to relocation, and too many entries were veering off into other subjects.  They were all Disney related, but they did not serve the core reason for the blog.  Once Mark and I have settled into our “Florida Compound” and have started to get to know the area, I plan on changing the direction of the blog, but before the move, I want to keep the focus with fewer off shoots into other subjects.  I think we are now at a point in the timeline that I can start up again, but don’t worry if I still occasionally veer off into other directions just for the fun of it (alright, I’ll admit that Mark and I have a few non-relocation blog postings already in mind). Among other things that are simmering on the burners are these thoughts:

·       Boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the home-improvement and furniture refinishing jobs that I have planned.  I have started some of them, and I’m itching to dive back in again so that we can make the house as re-sellable as possible. 

·         I am also an artist, and now that the overtime at work has ended, it is a personal requirement to get back to my art.  All of this is about balance, and not tipping the scales with any one project so that it becomes a detriment to other tasks that also need attention.  My first project is a pen and ink Mickey head silhouette that will be embellished with a swirly design and mounted in 3D, in a shadow box. I’m planning on a series of them.

·         Oh yes, the damned rummage sale…  This thing really needs to be a priority. I have 13 years in the house we live in now, and it feels like I never threw anything away in that 13 years. I have completed a sifting of the first layer and it’s enough to fill the back porch, and about 15 bins. We’ve been going out to work on pricing everything for a few hours each weekend, but I keep finding more to drag out. Sometimes I look at it all and I just don’t know where to start. Where the hell did I get that accordion?!?!

·         I’m also focusing more attention on my on-line bookstore through  Last week, I mentioned that we spent a few hours digging through Goodwill bins for games to sell and we made a great haul. I’ve made the first sale from that batch of games today; The Game Of Preferences for $38.99, plus shipping. I see that as $39 bucks more towards the Move to Disney fund!  Oh, and as an aside, that $39 dollars covers the entire cost of last week's Goodwill haul, gas included; all other game sales from that haul are pure profit.

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