Thursday, February 14, 2013

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We are at a period along the relocation timeline where we find it is time for serious discussion now about putting plans into action. This weekend Mark and I sat down to discuss options for how we will make this move, logistically.

One of the scenarios and the one that I happen to like best is that Mark graduates on June 30th, and within a week or two, we relocate him to Orlando.  I can take a few days off of work, and the both of us will fly out and spend 4 or 5 days looking for a residence and setting him up with everything he needs to settle in. If we are able to schedule a few interviews during this time period, we will at least have a rental car for the week to get him to the interview.  We bide our time until he gets a job offer, and once that comes in, the house in Phoenix goes up for sale.  When the house sells, and it’s time to pack up the dog and the furniture, Mark will fly back to Phoenix so that he can help me load a U-Haul truck and make the drive across country to Florida. Done.

The second scenario is identical to the first, except that Mark does not relocate to Orlando UNTIL he secures a job. Once that happens, we move him there, and the house goes on the market, it sells, and then we coordinate the moving truck and the cross country drive.

I like option one because it means that Mark will be able to establish residency right away, and he will be more likely to interview well in a face-to-face meeting.  From some web research I have done, I have learned that many employers will not even consider you for a position unless you are already a resident and have a local address. Mark will also be working in the culinary field, which is an industry that has high turnover.  Considering Orlando is already on the record as having the most hotels in the country after Las Vegas, we have a good feeling that Mark can land a job within a couple of months, if not sooner.

This gives us the following time line:

June 30th – Mark graduates
July 15th (or sooner) - Mark moves to Orlando
September 1st (or sooner) – Mark is employed
September 2nd (or sooner) – Phoenix home goes on the market

*** unknown factor: the house sell date (current average is 69 days, depending on what website you are reading), which means I could be moving by mid-November.

Another adjustment to the scenario is that we put the house up for sale upon Mark’s graduation and before he receives a job offer.  Considering the time it takes for a home to actually sell, we may want to take advantage of the summer time when most homes sell, so that we would have a potential move date of mid-August to mid-September.

So many factors to consider and worry about! Forget Space Mountain, THIS is the real roller coaster ride!

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Mouseketeer Ken

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