Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Vision for the Future °o°

When we began this blog, it started as a vehicle to document our path in detail as we relocate to Orlando to be near Disney World, as well as to start a new life in a new environment.  As the months progressed, and now as we approach the actual move date, the reason for the blog will have to evolve.

We have been thinking about ways to expand the topics that we write about, always with a thought of how Disney is always in our lives, even when we are not at the parks. 

After a good year of following other relocation blogs, Disney fan sites, and Disney-dedicated Facebook pages, we started to see that we can fit in there somewhere and bring Disney "through our eyes" to our friends, family, and extended community. I don't know how much Disney news I would ever get first hand knowledge of, but I DO know that both Mark and I love aspects of the Disney parks that are often overlooked.  We get so excited when we see something new pop up somewhere, and we follow all of the stages of growth when they announce a new attraction or area.

Mark wants to document his growth as a Chef, and if it's in the cards for him to work for the Disney Company, he will want to share his experiences. He knows he will be starting someplace at the bottom, just starting out, but he also knows he's GOOD at what he does, and will progress quickly.

Marks' dream job at Disney is to be front and center; something he is very good at.  His number one postion is to be a ride operator, followed by parade performer with a special dream of being a part of the show that  welcomes guests to the park first thing in the morning (even though I know from experience that he is NOT a morning person!).  As for a regular job, he wants to find a position as a Chef in a trendy restaurant in the area that caters mostly to locals, and not to tourists if possible. Here in Phoenix we have a number of independently owned restaurants (The Culinary Dropout, The Arrogant Butcher, Windsor, etc.) that we both love and we hope to find similar ones in Orlando.

Personally, I don't have a burning desire to work for the parks. I'm an office drone, so I wouldn't mind working in some Administrative role for the company, but only if that's in the cards for me. I hope to find a position for a local company and hopefully not a nationwide call center.

As for my DREAM DISNEY job?  My friends and family know that I am an artist, but I never pursued it professionally. Something I regret, but hey... live with no regrets, right????  So, my dream job would be to work in their prop shop manufacturing park items, or on their Resort Enhancement Team. Outside of that, I would like to be able to license my own Disney themed art designs at the parks and their galleries. Most of my art work is Disney themed, anyway.

I mentioned in previous postings that we have been thinking about how this blog can continue AFTER we have made the move. Now that we are beginning to attract readers as we approach the one-week-before-moving date, I still want to be able to bring a perspective of "Living a Disney Life" post-relocation.  Well, we will be taking suggestions of course, but I see being able to share our discoveries with you as we experience them on a daily/weekly basis. This is the first time that I have ever moved to a new state in my adult life, and I suspect that are many people who have never done that either.  I have lived in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since 1984 (!), and I expect that I have major changes coming my way!

We want to bring Disney culinaire to you as we experience new restaurants and cafés.  We want to bring photos of Celebration to you, the town that Disney built. As I mentioned earlier, as new things pop up in the parks, I want to share them right away... I have always devoured those bits of Disney news when I found them online or on my Facebook newsfeed. I am also a fan of small details, so you can expect to see photos of hidden objects, or areas from the park. One of my favorite photo subjects is the areas of a ride that are hidden from view, or sneaking a flash photo in a dark ride.  I hope to share with you our first run-in with an alligator; something I'm both dreading and strangely intrigued by. I will also be updating our progress on purchasing a home in the area, and how we upgrade and remodel to our preferences... though, I promise not to focus the blog on D.I.Y, too much!  Lastly, being a gay couple, part of our (Disney) world view will often include that perspective.

In short, I have so many more things that I hope to explore and share. I hope you will be along with us on the ride.

Comments are welcome. Positive feedback encouraged!

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Mouseketeer Ken and Mousekteer Mark