Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Invasion of the POD °o°

The POD has arrived! The weather is spectacular, and if we get a lot done in the next 3 or 4 days, each day will be gorgeous, with highs reaching only 74 degrees.  Wednesday is expected to start a cool-down with highs reaching 55 degrees, but I still can't complain too much! There is no rain in the forecast.

It's been days of research, worry, and anxiety.. Is the Pod company reliable?  Will they deliver and pick up on time?  After a couple dozen phone calls and inquiries we settled on They were not the cheapest service at $3200, but they offered the best services in terms of monthly rate, delivery flexibility, and size. We have a lot of stuff, even after purging so much over the last 9 months.

(Remember the boxes of books from the Facebook page... here they are in the Pod.)

Anxiety has not gone away, however. Boxes and bins are easy to fit in there... its the furniture and oddly shaped items that take up extra space like the Adirondack chairs, the bench, metal firepit, and office desk. Packing some things too tightly will just damage them in the long haul from Phoenix to Orlando, so we are trying to pack smart.

We will also have the POD picked up 2-4 days BEFORE we actually vacate the house, so we are not packing up the few things that we will need to later fit in the bed of the truck like the all-important television, video games, DVDs and a couple of chairs.. and the air mattress.

If we can't fit everything in the POD and the truck, the back-up plan is to rent a tow-bar and a Cargo Trailer. They can be rented locally for 7 days for about $200-$300 bucks which is FAR better than a small POD unit which would add another $500-$1000.  Here is hoping I reduced enough and estimated the size we need correctly.

As a bonus to the pictures I added above, click on the short 5-minute video below to see the delivery guy transfer our POD from his truck to our driveway... it's pretty COOL to watch and it kind of like waching Transformers part 4! Add your own cool Transforming sound effects!

The next video is how they pulled the rig away from the Pod in the driveway.  It's about 2 minutes long. It's like watching those Big Rig videos when you were a kid. Very impressive in person.

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